Give your patient
the smile of their dreams

Here at Castle Ceramics we can give your patient the smile they have aways dreamed of, we have a wide range of crowns and veneers to suit your needs. First we can produce a wax up or a digitaly retouched image to show your patient what they could look like. Then we can provide you with guides to help you prep the teeth and temperary crowns if the patient wishes while there new smiles are being made.

Before & After

Not all cases are as extreme as this, not only did it give the patient a great new smile but It gave them the confidence they had aways lacked.

Diagnostic Wax-Up

Communication between the laboratory ceramist and the dentist has always been the key to obtaining superior resulst in both asthetic and functional aspects of restorative dentistry. An essential yet overlooked part of this communication is the role of the diagnostic wax-up.

The diagnostic wax-up, when used properly, can provide valuable information to the dentist, ceramist, and patient. It may help dentists determine the amount of reduction necessary to achieve the final result, keeping preparation as conservative as possible.

Another important role of the diagnostic wax-up is in the fabrication of the provisional restorations or temporaries. An impression of the wax-up is taken with a putty material. In the mouth, the temporaries can be contoured and customized to the patient’s facial features. Occlusion can also be evaluated, and when this, along with asthetics, are deemed satisfactory, an impression can be made to communicate the proper size, shape, length, and form to the lab.

Original Model

Prep Guide

Finished Wax Up

Tooth Shapes

Basic tooth shapes can be combined into various smile designs. Click the button below to view examples that illustrate how different tooth shapes can be used to influence perception of age, personality and self-confidence. We can use these designs as a reference and modify them to suit the patients individual needs.

View Tooth Shapes