Pressure Form Services

Splints and De-Programmers
for TMJ + Muscle Relaxing

When Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) relationships do not coincide with dental occlusion or teeth occlude abnormally, muscles may become tender and other symptoms such as headaches, sinus pain, clicking jaw joints, and chronic neck and shoulder pain can occur.

TMJ problems, when left untreated, lead to osteoarthritis, osteoarthrosis, and degenerative joint disease.

Over the years, our splint team at Castle Ceramics has seen many changes in the design of appliances to treat TMJ. Our expertise is reflected in the broad range of appliances that we provide at Castle Ceramics.

Note: Please allow 3 working days for fabrication.

When unmounted models are received, we will mount them on a Denar Articulator. We have Kavo and Amann / Girrbach – Artex articulators available. Feel free to call Ian Taylor to organize any priority cases.

We offer several types of Splints and Deprogrammers these include:

  • Essix or Trutain Retainer
  • Flat Occlusal Plane (AKA :- Hard Night guard)
  • Anterior De-programmer (Short term)
  • Anterior De-Programmer (Long term)
  • Kois Deprogrammer
  • Dawson Dual “B” Splint (Incl. Lower runner bar) See below for more information
  • Michigan or Tanner Splints, see below for more information

Dawson Choices of Splint and Deprogrammers

1. Ian Buckle Deprogrammer. Short term 1.5mm. Long term 2 mm.

2. Ian Buckle Deprogrammer with anterior platform and central incisal overlap.

3. Lower Essix or Trutain Retainer: 1mm to oppose "B" Splint.

4. Lower Essix Retainer plus anterior runner bar to oppose "B" splint to aid smooth sliding of mandible.

5. "B." Splint with tooth coverage and palate free. 1.5mm.

6. "B". Splint with anterior stop and full arch incisal tip overlap.

Dawson “B” Splint – The Anterior Midpoint:- What does it do?

  • Disengages all teeth except incisors
  • Removes occlusal interferences
  • Incourages the patient to release the lateral pterygoid
  • Reduces clenching forces to 20 – 30% of it’s maximum, good for muscle issues.
  • Allows seating of the condyle
  • Ideal for deep overbites

Tanner/Michigan Splint – Full Contact :- What do they do?

  • CR = MI : Eliminates occlusal discrepencies
  • Shared biting area (Full arch)
  • Reduced joint loading
  • Idealised functional occlusion
  • Opportunity to observe occlusion and joint stability over time
  • If diagnosis is joint problems

Bleaching Trays

Bleaching Trays

We offer a wide range of bleaching trays which are all suitable for any bleaching system. All of our trays are scalloped to ensure a tight fit and prevent any leakages or darker necks and are made with reservoirs unless stated, we are pleased to make bleaching trays to any specifications you supply and we’re always open to new methods!


Each mouth guard is constructed differently by pressure lamination, this is far superior to the vacuum form process as it produces a mouth guard of an even thickness and eliminates any thin areas at the incisal area. Tests have shown a mouthguard made by pressure laminating two layers together is 40% more energy absorent than one constructed from only one layer of equivalent thickness. As every mouth guard is taylor made to your requirements, we can colour them ( even stripes ) to match your team colours, school kit…. etc, see below for our range of colours. A mouthguard is an essential piece of equipment in any contact sport.

It provides protection, not only from direct contact, but prevents injuries from the lower jaw impacting the top. Custom made mouthguards are made by taking an impression of the user’s mouth and forming a mouthguard blank around the resulting model. The mouthguard is then trimmed for aesthetic appeal and comfort. We offer several mouthguards types depending on your sporting activity.

A short video on how we make our mouthguards

Budget Mouthguard Minimum protection, single laminate for those on a budget

Light Mouthguard These are suitable for children with only there milk teeth present.

Medium Mouthguard These are suitable for sports players who participate in sports that do not involve a hard stick or ball.

Heavy Mouthguard These are suitable for sports players who may encounter a hard stick or hard ball. It contains resilient energy transmission lines which rapidly transmit the destructive energy to the remainder of the mouthguard thus giving excellent protection.

Heavy-Pro Mouthguard These are suitable for sports players who may encounter a hard weapon or hard ball going at speed. The Heavy-Pro mouthguard contains a high impact protective shield to deflect the destructive energy.

Multicolours and Patterns

Gumshield Patterns

Plain Colours

Plain Colours


This appliance is designed to help with bruxism, bite raising and to alleviate headaches. It is usually 2mm thick, but is available in varying thicknesses and in either soft or hard materials to suit your requirements.