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Digital Imaging

Unlike study casts and other diagnostic tools, computer imaging graphically illustrates proposed treatment options to each patient in a highly personalised form, using digital pictures as a before and after scenarios. Cosmetic imaging software allows both patient and the practitioner to better visualise the appearance and functional benefits of proposed treatment recommendations.

Many people think that digital imaging does not give a true indication of what can be acheived, this can be the case if you was to just copy a new smile into your patients mouth, we take great care with our digital imaging, we have a library of teeth so either the dentist and patient can choose the style they want or we can choose it for you. On some cases we can even use the patients original teeth and just modify the shape, colour etc. However, it must be stressed to the patient that these are computer simulations only, and may not accurately represent the final result of the dentistry.

We start each case by copying and pasting just one or two teeth at a time, this allows us the place the imaging over the patients original teeth, each tooth is then resized to fit perfectly, when all the teeth are in place we can alter the colour balance to give the desired shade.

Guess work is transformed into predictable results which Patients can see and readily accept. Imaging can help your patients visualise, and accept your treatment plans, from simulating a simple tooth whitening procedure to a full mouth rehabilitation.

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One of the most exciting and valuable aspects of computer imaging is to promote pro-active patient involvement in treatment planning, and encourage them to express their preferences in discussing alternative treatment plans – “offer choices and create feedback”.

Most importantly you improve your communication skills and learn about patient expectation (which can be unrealistic) However, in many cases a dental simulation will give a reasonable initial guideline towards providing a satisfactory result. It takes time to do the imaging yourself, and in a busy practice it is probably more acceptable to outsource the images. Here at Castle Ceramics we have Ian Stafford who is our digital cosmetic imaging technician, Ian started work in a profesional photo lab over 20 years years ago and uses his skills learnt there along with the latest computer software to create our digital makeovers.

The variety of procedures that can be imaged include:

  • Bleaching
  • Veneering
  • Crown and Bridgework
  • Crown lengthening
  • Cosmetic contouring
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontal soft tissue changes

Usually a good quality portrait is submitted for this, with the patient giving a full smile: this gives the maximum benefits from these imaging procedures.

Cosmetic imaging can be a more predictable way to build confidence and trust before even starting treatment, using a visual case presentation. Our prices start at just £25 and as a special offer we will give you your first three cases free.

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Tooth Shapes

Basic tooth shapes can be combined into various smile designs. Click the button below to view examples that illustrate how different tooth shapes can be used to influence perception of age, personality and self-confidence. We can use these designs as a reference and modify them to suit the patients individual needs.

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