High-Quality Crowns and Bridges Laboratory Services in the UK

Zirconia Crowns
& Bridges

Castle Ceramics provides high quality zirconia crowns and bridges, expertly manufactured by our skilled technicians. As a state-of-the-art crown and bridge laboratory, we provide a highly personalised service and have a keen eye for design and aesthetics.

Zirconia is a high-tech ceramic material that is characterized by its outstanding stability and biocompatibility, as well as strength levels significantly higher than other all-ceramic materials.

Our zirconia crowns have a natural finish, with realistic translucency and texture. Each crown is carefully matched to your patient’s existing tooth colour to ensure perfect results.

We create stable crowns and bridges with minimal removal of the existing tooth structure. Our crowns are carefully manufactured in-lab, for enhanced realism and comfort.

Crown & Bridge Services:

Crowns and Bridges Benefits:

  • Preparations require removal of less tooth structure.
  • Excellent aesthetics and translucency. Shaded frameworks are very strong, thin and translucent to ensure a natural and vital appearance.
  • Outstanding marginal fit.
  • Superior strength of zirconia with high fracture resistance. All our zirconia copings are guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Preparation is similar to PFM.
  • Cementation can be accomplished using proven, conventional techniques.


BruxZir is CAD – CAM made, virtually unbreakable & chip-proof, making it ideal for bruxers and grinders, who have destroyed other restorations. Ideally suited for molars. These crowns are more aesthetic than metal or full – cast gold crowns and research tests show polished Bruxzir is kinder to the natural opposing dentition than enamel.

Bruxzir Bridge

E-Max Crowns

Ceramic crown

New highly aesthetic and high-strength all-ceramic materials for the PRESS and CAD/CAM technology.

IPS e.max opens up a host of maximum, unexpected possibilities. You can select the most suitable components from the variety of materials offered in the coordinated restorative system.

The new all-ceramic system IPS e.max comprises highly aesthetic and high-strength materials for both the PRESS and the CAD/CAM technology. The system is versatile and economical. Our e-max crowns are guaranteed for 5 years.

Gold Crowns

Gold is the Rolls Royce of restorations, gold has been the restorative material of choice for dentistry. Even in today’s competitive crown and bridge marketplace, where dentists can select from a wide range of alloys, amalgams, composites and ceramic materials, more practitioners are using high gold (greater than 65%) content alloys. Dentists and their patients have found that dental restorations that use high gold materials can last a patient’s lifetime – from 20 to 50 years.

Gold offers the following advantages:

  • Biocompatibility
  • Performance
Gold Crown

Aesthetic Crowns and Inlays


The Leucite-reinforced glass ceramic material has a natural quality that gives the exceptional aesthetics and as high flexural strength of its pressed core “cousins” An Aesthetic restoration has the internal characterization, dept of colour and opalescent beauty from the best layered porcelains

Bio-Gold Bonded Crowns and Bridges

Beauty Vibrant Bio-gold 75% Crowns and Bridges:

The beauty of Vita Porcelain combined with the high noble Bio-gold deep yellow alloy will create superior optical quality restorations imitating the vitality of natural teeth. It’s our most successful and most popular restoration. Beautiful and Natural-Looking – Bio-gold Crowns and Bridges are cosmetic, healthy and durable; and designed for the patient who demands the best. No Unsightly “Black Lines” Bio-gold 75% will provide you with a crown that will look natural at the gum line, eliminating any unsightly grey or black lines commonly associated with traditional bonded crowns. Achieve incredible lifelike aesthetic results with any PFM restoration. Experience a whole new level of natural colour, translucency and depth. Bio-gold substructures are produced using the most advanced vacuum/pressure casting equipment available. Uniform grain structure, density and accuracy are ensured. Predictable results through controlled standards. Provides outstanding aesthetics for your most discerning patients.

Bio Gold

P.F.M. Crowns and Bridges


Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations are still the most prescribed restorative treatment alternative to date. Offering several different types of metals with which to fabricate the substructure, Castle Ceramics Dental Laboratories readily provides clinicians with a wide variety of PFM crowns and bridges. Porcelain margins are recommended to dramatically improve the aesthetic result by enabling natural light to penetrate at the gingival margins. The PFM restorations appear so natural; they rival some of the most innovative restorative options available.

PFM offers the following advantages:

  • Extremely durable – can be used for posterior crowns and bridges
  • Familiar preparation technique
  • Superb fit
  • Easy one-step cementation
  • 3 Year Guarantee